Maggie’s Astronomy

Maggie and I were joking around this morning about whether it was night or day. She pulled open the bedroom curtain and pointed to the sky and said, “See, the sun is in the sky!”

I replied, “Wait, Griffin is in the sky???”

She rolled her eyes, “No! That’s not what I was meaning. The Earth has a sun in it. Not a kid son.”

I clarified, “The earth has a sun in it?”

“Yes,” nodding vigorously, “it’s what makes it day time.”

Update: During a recent bike ride, Maggie demonstrated more of her astronomical knowledge. The kids love biking around a circular paved area in front of one of the dorms at Macalester. Maggie decided that she was “the sun” and biked in a tight loop in the center of the circle. Griffin and his friend, Zoe, orbited Maggie as planets. They whooped and hollered, arguing over who was which planet, while Maggie repeated, “I’m the sun! I’m in the middle!”

At some point Griffin got too close to her, and she shouted, “I’m super hot! I’ll burn you! It’s called a sunburn!”

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