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Not exactly how we planned to spend our Thursday, but G is now appendix-less and is recovering semi-comfortably. Thankful for trusting my (also appendix-less) gut, fantastic staff at Children’s Hospital, parents and friends who help take care of our other two kids, and overall health, all things considered. The staff here have been raving about how fantastic this kid is, and I couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly. Looking forward to getting home ❤️

Why I Am Currently Losing My Mind

Oliver <sitting in his high chair, wearing a sweatshirt>: ZIP! ZIP! ZIP!
Me: You want me to unzip your sweatshirt?
Oliver: NO! ZIP!!
Me: You’re right, your sweatshirt doesn’t have zips, it has buttons.
Oliver: Buttons!
Me: Yes, buttons.
Oliver: ZIP ZIP!!
Me: Do you want your sweatshirt off?
Oliver: ON!
Me: Ok. You can keep it on.
Oliver: OFF!!
Me: You want help taking it off?
Oliver: Uh-huh.
<I help him unbutton and take off his sweatshirt>
Oliver: ON! ON! ON! ON! ZIP! ZIP!
Me: <throws sweatshirt in his face>

Daily Pilgrimage

This is our daily pilgrimage after the big kids get picked up by their bus: to watch the trucks and construction across Snelling. We often get waves from construction workers, truck drivers, bus drivers, and passers-by. And most days, I love doing it with him. He gets SO much enjoyment out of such a simple thing, it’s hard to say no. ❤️