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Circus Camp

Maggie completed a week of circus camp today. She tried out an array of different acts and performed in the German Wheel and Low Casting (a mini flying trapeze). Lighting and audience layout made it hard to take good pictures, but we’ve got two decent video clips of Maggie performing and a photo of her with her group.

Maggie posing with her group after the show.

Circus Boy!

We are very lucky to have a variety of activities for our kids here in the Twin Cities, and one of them is an amazing circus school, Circus Juventas. Now that Griffin is a little older, we thought he might enjoy¬†a structured physical activity that would emphasize gross motor control, teamwork, and wasn’t too competitive. Having heard amazing things about the circus program, we thought it would be worth a try this winter. Turns out he loved it, and he loves performing!

Griffin's Bridge Pose

We were truly not prepared for how these kids would blow us away this weekend! The school is ages 3-18, and every single one of the kids we saw at the performance strutted their stuff and showed off their hard work. I can’t tell you the number of times I uttered, “WOW!” during the nearly three hour performance!

Griffin & Gabe on the German Wheel

Here are some video highlights from Griffin’s performance. The first is his dress rehearsal. The second is a highlight from the actual performance on Saturday as he and his friend, Gabe, performed on the German Wheel.

I’ve also included a clip from the unicycles act, just to give you a taste of the older kids, as well as several still shots of the many other acts we witnessed! Enjoy!