Battle Creek Wildlife

I know that I should be posting more about our trip to Du Nord, but I wanted to provide an update about some of the wildlife that we’ve seen and/or heard at our new home.

I recently posted about the wild turkeys that Piper an I encountered on a nearby trail. It turns out that the turkeys are pretty ubiquitous. It’s a rare day where we don’t see or hear some of them in the yard or on the trails. We frequently see a family of nine strutting through the yard. Here’s a list of other wildlife that we’ve encountered recently:

Coyote (not my photo, but this is similar to the ones that I saw)
  • A buck with fuzzy horns on a trail behind our back yard.
  • Two coyotes trotting through the yard while I was taking laundry off the line. They came within 20 feet of me before noticing that I was there and scampering off into the woods.
Barred owl (again, not my photo!)
  • Numerous garter snakes.
  • We hear lots of songbirds and frequently see cardinals and goldfinches in the yard.
  • Hummingbirds enjoy our flowers.
  • Last night and this evening, we heard loud hooting from a barred owl in the woods across the street. We have yet to spot it, but have high hopes. It seems to vocalize around sunset.

We’ve also spotted lots of scat in the woods, much of which we don’t recognize yet. We’re learning quickly, though, and intend to continue developing our understanding of the local fauna.

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  1. It’s hard to imagine a more interesting urban environment for the Stocco Roys!

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