Record Breaking Nap

I have to take a moment of what will soon be the end of the longest nap Griffin has ever taken to say how great it is to be able to have two hours in the middle of the day to do things like laundry, dishes, tidying up, and writing blog entries. Let’s hope this turns into a trend!

Day Out With Family

Grummy is in town for a visit, so the whole Stocco-Palmer-Roy family (minus Andrew, who was working hard getting his classroom ready for students on Monday) went out to the Eat Real Festival at Jack London Square on Oakland’s waterfront.

The Joy of No Clothes

20090829_220740_002Our bedtime routine for the past couple of weeks developed from the discovery that Griffin really likes to play on his changing table without anything on.  The first night I was ready to put on his diaper after only a couple of minutes but was met with so much protest, it was obvious he didn’t want the fun to stop.  We played for longer and after he’d had his fill, he was ready to move on to diaper and pj’s and settle in for the night.  He has clearly been delighting in naked time, squealing and laughing as I tickle him, pretend to eat his toes, and kiss him on his neck, tummy, and armpits (his favorite).  This has turned into a 30 minute affair that we both really enjoy!  It’s so different interacting with him now that he has stronger likes and dislikes.

Today is already turning into a warm one, so I decided to let him have naked time in the middle of the day while I folded diapers.  He rolled around his quilt, babbling at me and playing with his toys.  It seems inevitable that he will soon be asking me why naked time isn’t all the time!




Rolling Both Ways

Over the past few weeks Griffin has been getting better and better at front-to-back rolls. He sometimes goes the other way, but never quite makes it. There’s always an arm or an elbow preventing him from completely rolling onto his front. Tonight, inspired by a visit from his friend Rosie, he managed an effortless roll onto his tummy! (Rosie is two months older and is an Olympic class roller.) Pretty soon Griffin will be rolling clear across the room.

Teething Pain

Griffin’s third tooth broke through on Wednesday, and it has been a tough couple of days for him.  (Oddly enough, it was his right lower lateral incisor, which doesn’t “typically” arrive for another eight months.)  This evening the pain was obviously excruciating, leading to his worst meltdown in a very long time.  I took this picture a few minutes before he really lost it.

Why does my mouth hurt so much??
Why does my mouth hurt so much??

On a Roll…

As you know if you’ve been paying attention, Griffin’s first roll was on July 27. Since then he hasn’t repeated the trick… until today. During a long period of “tummy time”, Griffin repeatedly rolled from front to back. (Never the reverse, yet.) It’s certainly not easy, but he’s got the basic motions down. Sarah managed to catch one of them on film (or digital tape anyway):

Four Month Thoughts

Griffin is four months old, and he is continuing to amaze me.  I know as his mother that’s what is supposed to happen, but it’s not just an admiration of him; it’s amazement at human beings in general.  All of a sudden, the world seems so much more delicate, people so much more precious.  That we all started this way is something of a miracle to me, and I hope to do right by him as his mom.  I cannot wait to see what impact the world has on him, and what impact he has on the world.  Most of all, I hope to remember to always be amazed by the little things, as awed as I am by the recognition in his eyes and the smile that breaks out on his face when he wakes in the morning to see that we’re all still here and life is wonderful.

Griffin wakes up after his first night camping.
Griffin wakes up after his first night camping.

Four Month Checkup

We had a successful visit to the doctor today.  Griffin was not exactly thrilled about his shots, but he got over them pretty quickly.  Here are his current stats with percentiles:

  • Weight: 14 lb 2 oz (33%)
  • Height: 25 in (53%)
  • Head Circumference: 16.5 in (40%)

But more important than the numbers: Griffin is healthy and happy.  Yay.

First Camping Trip!

This weekend we joined some friends in the Sierras for a wonderful car-camping trip.  We hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, swam in the reservoir, and introduced Griffin to the joys of sleeping in a tent.  He was a natural — falling asleep by the fire and then sleeping soundly through the night despite the cold.  Click on either image below to see the full photo album.