First Bouncy House!

This weekend we were at Gustavus for Grandma Pam’s birthday (and the homecoming football game) and Griffin got to enjoy his first bouncy house.  He was definitely the youngest kid going into it, and Sarah and I were both worried that he wouldn’t be able to handle it.  (Lots of bigger kids were freaked out.)  But never ones to shy away from experimenting with our child, we tossed him in and watched.

He was in hog heaven!  It was such a joy to see… he could barely stand up, but every time he fell down he just laughed and laughed.  He eventually made it to the side where he could hold on and jump, shrieking with glee, but then he would head back into the central mosh-pit to be pummeled by larger kids, still cracking up hysterically.  We weren’t sure if he would be able to find his way out (the entrance was covered by a flap), but after about 15 minutes he bounced over to the flap and slid right out, still grinning.  We’re definitely going to do this again!

Gleeful Griffin
Notice his Gustavus regalia

Minnesota State Fair

We headed to the great Minnesota get-together, otherwise known as the State Fair, on Sunday! Getting there bright and early at 9am was the way to go as we beat the massive crowds by a few hours and eased into our day of looking at and eating all that Minnesota has to offer.  We certainly saw a lot. Some highlights included the Princess Kay of the Milky Way butter sculptures, the birthing barn, seed art, and of course, the food. Foods tried: mini-donuts, deep-fried cheese curds, pronto pup, Twisted Sister, chocolate malt, jalapeno poppers, salted nut roll, Haralson apple, minty lemonade, chicken gyro, and shrimp on a stick. You know, your typical Weight Watchers day. Griffin was a total champ (he even napped in the stroller) and made our trip all-the-more enjoyable. We’re definitely looking forward to next year!

I love the chickens with the hairdos!
THE Princess Kay of the Milky Way (in butter)!
HOT cheese curd! HOT!

Rookie Mistake

This is what happens when you leave your lipstick on the bedside table where certain toddlers can reach it. Thankfully, I got to him before he started coloring on the bed! I’m going to have to tell Andrew to be a little more careful next time…

Doesn't he look lovely?

Things I Like About My Job

It has been a great first week so far!  As I walk to and from school every day, I have time to really think about what I appreciate.  Here’s a partial list in no particular order:

  • Walking to work every day (it’s about a mile, so not too far, but it lets me get my head on straight)
  • Seven days of paid orientation, department meetings, and planning time before the first day of classes
  • A week-long professional development conference for all new faculty about classroom management and how to run a fabulous advisory program
  • Block schedule (fewer, longer classes)
  • Recess and snack every day for all middle-schoolers!
  • First day middle-school assembly was filled with laughter
  • Canoeing down the Mississippi with the eighth grade on the third day of school!
  • Conferences with advisees and their families on the fourth day of school
  • I have only received two things in my physical mailbox since I started… everything else is handled via e-mail and various on-line tools.
  • Delicious, healthy food at the cafeteria every day (for students and faculty)
  • First faculty meeting had only one item on the agenda: discussing specific, individualized strategies for helping students who struggled last year get off to a good start
  • Twice-monthly meetings with my principal already scheduled from now until May
  • Did I mention recess and snack??!?!