Griffin Art Roundup

A gallery of art that Griffin created over the past few months (7 years old). Most of these were created at the art table, often in the morning when Griffin likes to come downstairs and create art before the rest of us get up.

Griffin’s Astronomy

While cleaning up the house over the weekend, we found a pile of work that Griffin created at school last year (first grade). This chart of the solar system reminded me of my recent post, Maggie’s Astronomy, so I thought I should add this here. Griffin is aware, by the way, that Pluto is no longer considered to be planet.

Revolution of the Planets, Spring 2016

As part of his astronomy research in first grade, he also took notes on some of the facts he unearthed. I picked a few to share below.

Comet 1
Comets’ tails are made of dust and gas.
Comet 2
Comets have three layers.
Shooting stars
Shooting stars are meteors burning in the earth’s atmosphere.
Asteroids are all different shapes and sizes.
Asteroids have little holes and when they crash they explode.

Note the creative (and phonetically reasonable) spelling of explode: “iiczplod.”