Maggie Busts a Move

Maggie, my parents, and I recently flew out to Oregon to attend a dear family friend’s wedding. It was a lovely day spent in the woods of the Pacific Northwest, but Maggie was beyond tired after dinner and we thought it was time to go as the evening set in. Just as we were preparing to say our goodbyes, the music started playing and Maggie perked up. Unprompted by anyone, she started tearing it up! The video I captured unfortunately missed some of her best moves, but you’ll get the idea. Next time the crankies are coming on, I think I’ll throw on some fast tunes and get her to dance!

Griffin’s Memorial Day Career Thoughts

Listening to the radio on Memorial Day, Griffin asked me what a soldier was. I explained, as best I could. Griffin was silent for a while, and then announced:

I don’t want to be a soldier. I think I would like to be a scientist. In space.


A few days later, on June 1, we were biking and stopped to look at the falls by the old Ford hydro plant. After watching for a bit, Griffin said:

Maybe when I’m a adult I won’t go to space, maybe I’ll be a waterfall tester.

In a subsequent conversation, Griffin explains waterfall testing in more detail:

A waterfall tester uses a screen like an x-ray to make sure the blades are turning.

Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

Sarah and Maggie flew off to Portland yesterday, leaving Griffin and me for five days on our own. We began it with a divine night’s sleep: 12 hours for Griffin and 10 for me. (I snuck down to the basement and played a few rounds of Super Mario—don’t tell G.) This morning, while making breakfast, Griffin announced, “I want to listen to some loud rock ‘n’ roll music!”

We’re off to a good start.