More From Griffin

“Mama, I have all these songs in my body and I’m tryin’ to decide which one you can hear!”

“Mama, I want to fetch a pail of water for the garden.”

“I will bring my scooter outside and then people will hear it going “ba-bump, ba-bump” because there are cracks and then they will play with me. Maybe Bud or Betty will come out!” (Bud and Betty are our 80 year old neighbors)

G: “I’m still a little bit sad.”
Me: “Oh, yeah? Why?”
G: “I’m still sad from yesterday.”
Me: “What made you sad yesterday?”
G: “You were loud with me.”
Me: “Oh, I’m sorry that’s still making you sad. Is there anything I can do to help you?”
G: “No. Don’t worry. My sadness will go away soon.”
Me: <heart aching>

Our Haphazard Garden

While some thought did go into planning our garden this summer, the result has been a splendidly haphazard garden. We planned what we were growing and started everything from seed in the spring, but by the time we were ready to plant in the ground, Maggie had been born and stuff just needed to go in. We borrowed our neighbor’s rototiller to incorporate our backyard compost and got our seedlings in the ground. By the time we had it all in, we realized we had more space than we had planned for and made a mental note that next year we could go bigger. As time went on, we got some surprises: lots of “volunteers” started sprouting up all over the place as many tomato plants and vines took over the unclaimed real estate! We’ve been delighted as we discover what’s coming up and have been watching all kinds of expected and unexpected plants grow. The produce has been delicious, and what’s even better is that Griffin is excited to be part of it all. I’d call that success!

Mini Zinnias in our butterfly garden.
Not sure what kind of melon this will be!
We’ve already made one batch of pesto. Griffin just loves picking the leaves and smelling them.
Our tomatoes love being close to the house and have gotten really tall!
We can’t wait for this honeydew to be ripe! We smell it every day in hopes it will be ready.
We get a couple handfuls of cherry tomatoes daily, as well as several sweet, crunchy Persian cucumbers.
The jewel of our unexpected produce: a Cinderella pumpkin!