Joint Birthday Party

Griffin and Maggie fondly recalled their joint birthday party in 2016 and decided to merge their parties again this year. Because we all love having parties outside, the endless winter of 2018 stymied our attempts to schedule it between their birthdays. We settled on the final weekend of the month, but even then our first two choices of parks weren’t open yet. We eventually settled on the Como playground near the Como Town mini-amusement park.

After all the weather hassles, the day was gorgeous. Breezy and warm in the sun and cool in the shade—perfect weather for a few hours rampaging around a playground. Sarah made two batches of cupcakes: Griffin had red velvet with cream cheese frosting; Maggie had vanilla with blue frosting. Griffin and Maggie (and Oliver, too) were exhausted and happy at the end of the festivities.

We weren’t trying to photograph the event, but I captured a few shots on my phone:

And two short videos of the celebratory songs:

Andrew’s Birthday

It landed on a Saturday this year so we got to do things up a bit more than usual. Highlights of the day included:

  • Sarah’s parents drove up for the day so that Sarah and I could go out without hiring a babysitter.
  • A date with Sarah at Can Can Wonderland, featuring miniature golf, hipster food, and a sense of relief that we didn’t have a herd of children to manage.
  • The Black Panther — my second viewing, but I really wanted Sarah to see it too so that we could talk about it. It was just as good the second time.
  • Temperatures rising above 60° for the first time since November.
  • Digging out the grill and firing it up for some delicious items Sarah picked out at the St. Paul Meat Shop.

We haven’t been photo-documenting things as assiduously as we sometimes do, but I did snap this shot of Sarah standing over the crack of doom at Can Can:

Sarah over the crack of doom.



Another April Sunrise

We’re sure getting tired of winter around here. Turns out the April 4 snowfall was nothing compared to what we received this weekend. The official Twin Cities total was 15.8 inches, the 12th largest snowstorm in Twin Cities history, and the largest on record for April.

Despite plenty of snow fatigue, I was struck once again on my walk to school this morning by how beautiful fresh fallen snow is. Everything was glittering and magical in the sunrise.