The Eels & Steve Perry

Eels @ the Fitz Mind-boggling Eels concert at the Fitzgerald Theater tonight. Mark Oliver Everett and the band were in top form. As I giddily posted to facebook afterwards, “Eels were SO good. I’d rank this in my top five lifetime shows. Stunning performance. We got Grace Kelly Blues AND Last Stop This Town. (Two favorite songs.) Along with a lot of great numbers from the latest album. Joy. Rapture.”

But that was only the beginning. After the second encore, Everett invites none other than Steve Perry (Journey!) on stage for his first public performance in 20 years. Unbelievable. A few pictures borrowed from the internet (my phone didn’t hold up) followed by a video of the Steve Perry encore:

E on Piano
E on Piano


E with Guitar
E with Guitar


Opting Out

We came across this display at a local St. Paul school a few weeks ago. It gave me hope. Kudos to the courageous parents, teachers, and administrators who resist the pressure to conflate standardized test scores with educational achievement.

Fairy Houses Label Fairy House Cabinet

Including the top shelf, out of the frame above, I counted 46 houses. The school has 570 students in grades 4-8 this year, suggesting that about 8% of the students opted out.

A small step?


Master and Apprentice

After work yesterday:

Griffin: “Daddy, want to help me build my castle?”
Daddy: “Sure! Hmm, let’s put this block over here…”
Griffin: “No! That doesn’t go there. It should go here.”
Daddy: “Oh, ok. … Is this the wall of the castle?”
Griffin: “No!” <rolls eyes> “That’s a row of milk jugs stuck together.”
Daddy: “Ah, I see. Is this the castle living room?”
Griffin: “No! That’s the trap for catching bad guys.”

You know nothing, Jon Snow.

First Ice Cream Truck of 2014

A lovely, warm, Saturday evening, clouds looming with impending rain, the chimes of the ice cream truck arrived at the perfect moment.

(Griffin notes that this wasn’t really the first ice cream truck of 2014; it was the first one where we bought ice cream. )

Ice cream on the stoop
Ice cream on the stoop

Poor Turtles!

When Sarah told Griffin that she was eating a “Turtle Bar,” he frowned and asked,

“Is there really a turtle in there??”

(He’s convinced that we are bent on the destruction of turtles; see our recent post about Spicy Turtle Blood.)

Sarah with her turtle
Sarah with her turtle bar

May Day Parade

An annual tradition, we joined friends near Powderhorn Park in Minneapolis for the 40th annual May Day Parade. It’s an incredible production every year. The pictures below illustrate some of the contrasts and creativity that characterize the parade. Click to view a larger slideshow.