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Working it Out

This morning Oliver came to me in the kitchen for his morning snuggle, and we were walking past the string of paper bags we have up for masks for everyone in our family who goes to school everyday (see the picture below). I walked past while holding him and he said, “Wait! Go back!”, and looked at the bags. He said, “Sunday starts with, S, right?” I said yes, and he stared and stared at the bag with my name on it, slowly whisper-sounding out the letters, with a confused look on his face (I believe expecting the letters would sound out to Sunday). And he repeated the sounds and finally his face brightened up and he exclaimed: “Sarah! That says Sarah! That’s your name!”

Daily COVID masks for the family.

Worldly Boy

Oliver showed me some scratches on his leg. I responded, logically, with, “Were you bitten by a basilisk?”

Oliver responds, “No! They’re not real.”

“Oh, how do you know?”

Oliver rolls his eyes and says, “Daddy, I know a LOT about the world.”