Notepad Tale, Chapters 3-5

Griffin’s story continues. He composed this on the notepad app on an old iPhone. The first two chapters are here.

Chapter three
When the Maggie’s attack

When all the Maggie’s came they had a fight with the bogeys the Maggie’s won! Sarah untied the rope that was holding Maggie to a tree 🌲. I’m hungry 😋 mama. i want to eat an ice cream cone 🍦.

Chapter four
Finding the house 🏡

Now that Maggie was here Sarah didn’t have to worry about Maggie ,being captured but she had to worry about getting her house 🏡. they looked everywhere. they decided that they would go to their property .they looked at the ground and saw a lump when they looked closer. they could see that it was their own house It somehow shrank.

Chapter five
The house is back to normal !

They decided to go to the hardware store to buy some new tools.but when they got there they saw the store was closed so they decided to go back to their house 🏡. But when they got there there house was big again! They decided to celebrate 🎉. They got a little cake and they ate it all.

And they lived happily ever after.

Book 2 coming soon!🙂😉😊.