Not Every Day is Magical, but Today…

Let’s be honest: being a stay-at-home parent is hard. And tiring. With colleagues who throw tantrums, pin you to the couch demanding milk, want you to pay attention to them every minute you are awake, and very infrequently express gratitude for your efforts, it can get a little deflating.

We’ve been having a hard few weeks. Griffin is…well…three and a half. This equals riding a roller coaster of emotions on an hourly basis. One minute, he’s delightful and pointing out amazing observations about the world, the next minute, he’s throwing a screaming tantrum because I dared to open the garage door without him. Maggie has evolved past the take-anywhere-do-anything ease of newborn-hood and entered babyhood, which for her, consists of being quite content as long as I am within 12 inches of her at all times, most preferably holding or touching her. God help us if I leave her line of sight. She’s sitting up now, which is awesome, but Griffin’s favorite thing to do is tip her over, because, you know, he “just wanted to.” This past weekend we added a family cold to the mix, which left us all a little more cranky and a lot more tired. With Andrew’s demanding school schedule this year and my recent daily challenges with the kids, it’s probably safe to say the parental reserves are starting to run a little low.

Today, though, had some magic in it. It started in the morning when Griffin sneaked into my room and loudly whispered that he needed help putting on his underwear. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary, but there was something about the way he crept in and was trying so hard to follow all of the morning time rules of being quiet and gentle that made my heart burst for him. <loud whisper> “THANKS, MAMA. GOOD MORNING, TOO. I LOVE YOU, TOO!” and back to his bed to read books until his orange sun lit up. We made apple waffles together after Maggie woke up, and then decided it was a good day to go to the sculpture garden and then a park. And that’s exactly what we did, and it was…magic. The weather was stupendous, everyone was in good spirits, I was fully present and fully loving my job. Days like today help fill me up, and I’m thankful to get a gift like this, especially when I most needed it.

Latest from Griffin

They’re coming fast and hard these days, folks! Griffin is saying some pretty wonderful stuff:

On our way home from the park, with the sun setting and a giant full moon on the horizon, Griffin says, “Wow! What a nice moon! I just want to give it a big hug!”

With two weeks of preschool under his belt, Griffin declares, “I think I’m ready for first grade!”

Having not eaten very much for breakfast, I said, “Griffin, are you sure you’re done with breakfast?” to which he replied, “YES! I’m just so ex-kited for preschool!!!”

In the car:
Griffin: “When will I be a baby again?”
Sarah: “Oh, honey. You will never be a baby again. You will keep growing and growing and become a man, like Daddy. And then someday maybe you will be a daddy, too.”
Griffin: “And then I will make pumpkin soup!!”

At lunch, eating a piece of Halloween candy:
“What’s this one called?”
“A Butterfinger.”
“Is it a finger or a butt?”