Third Pass Around the Sun

It was this little guy’s third birthday today. Griffin and Maggie lavished love and attention on him all day, making it feel extra-special.

Quote from Maggie right after Oliver woke up:

Oliver, do you know how many times you’ve gone around the sun? Three times! You’re going to go around the sun many more times. Lots and lots! You’re going to keep going around the sun until you, um, until you  … pass away. [Whispers to me: I think that’s nicer than saying he’s going to die.]

And, from Sarah’s lovely Instagram:

Happy Birthday to this bright star. I feel like this is such a great picture to capture the moment this three year old is in: independent, capable, and confident. He’s also silly and curious and loves his older brother and sister so much. What a light you are, Oliver Louis ❤️

Epic Fail

Ever wonder what happens if the handle of your bowl breaks off while you’re pouring the sour cream topping onto your cheesecake?

Cheesecake after an asteroid strike. Note that this picture was taken after I did as much cosmetic reconstruction as possible.

I’m hopeful that it will taste ok, though the bowl blew clean through to the pan, ripping apart the graham cracker crust, so the slices won’t have the classic profile (either visually or texturally).

By comparison, below is a picture of the above cake’s sibling, sans apocalypse:

Pristine cheesecake


Update: The damaged cheesecake was as delicious as the pristine one. There was one bite, maybe, that seemed like it had too much sour cream.


little gems

I really love putting the garden to bed for the winter: remembering the bounty, the warm humid days long passed, the delight of the first sprouts and flowers at the beginning of the summer. The passing of the seasons is a sacred time of reflection, being present in the best of each season, and looking ahead to the changes still to come. I love it when I am fortunate enough to slow down and savor it. So it was with great delight that I was able to uncover the last of our bounty in these tiny gems. Into the pot you go for carrot ginger soup! ❤️ 🍲 🥕

Secrets in the Walls

We recently replaced the medicine cabinet in our bathroom (while cursing manufacturers of cheap fiberboard accessories that begin disintegrating after your first shower). The kids decided to hang some artwork in the wall cavity behind the new cabinet, hoping that someone will find them in “three hundred years.”

The secret cavity
Close-ups. One each by Griffin, Maggie, and Oliver. 
The cabinet installed
Who could know that behind these mirrors lies a cache of secret art?