Dungeon Fantasy in the Classroom, Take 2

After the success of our venture with the Dungeon Fantasy Roleplaying Game last spring, my colleague and I decided to offer the activity again this fall. We had enough student interest to justify buying two more boxed sets. The photo below shows all the material organized and laid out before students arrived.

DFRPG sets labeled and ready to go (plus sample characters and lots of colorful dice).

Why I Am Currently Losing My Mind

Oliver <sitting in his high chair, wearing a sweatshirt>: ZIP! ZIP! ZIP!
Me: You want me to unzip your sweatshirt?
Oliver: NO! ZIP!!
Me: You’re right, your sweatshirt doesn’t have zips, it has buttons.
Oliver: Buttons!
Me: Yes, buttons.
Oliver: ZIP ZIP!!
Me: Do you want your sweatshirt off?
Oliver: ON!
Me: Ok. You can keep it on.
Oliver: OFF!!
Me: You want help taking it off?
Oliver: Uh-huh.
<I help him unbutton and take off his sweatshirt>
Oliver: ON! ON! ON! ON! ZIP! ZIP!
Me: <throws sweatshirt in his face>