Interesting Fruit

Griffin came downstairs early this morning while I was working. I asked him if he needed a banana or something to tide him over until breakfast. He said, “Yes, I’ll go look in the fruit basket.”

A few minutes later, after hearing furniture moving around and cabinet doors banging, Griffin returns, holding up a box of cookies and a bag of jelly beans.

And lest anyone think he was passing up last month’s shriveled plums, we maintain a well-stocked shrine to the fruit gods.

stale jelly beans trump this
stale jelly beans trump this

Maggie the Mimic

Maggie is 17 months old and is starting to really pick up talking! In addition, more so than I remember with Griffin, she is mimicking just about everything people do, especially when she’s watching Griffin. Tonight, however, she mimicked me after I pretended to sneeze during some after-dinner hijinks with Griffin. Too darn cute not to share!