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Piper Graduates

Piper finished her final class of “Foundational Skills” last night at The Canine Coach. Sarah and I have been taking her to weekly classes for the past seven weeks. As always with dog training classes, it’s more about training us to be consistent with our commands, expectations, and rewards than it is about truly training Piper. The main job for us is to continue to practice with her at home in the coming months.

Still, there were some areas where Piper excelled. The “stay” command was one of those. Check out her self-control below as Sarah laid out treats in front of her.

Piper waits patiently after receiving the “stay” command while Sarah spells her name in delicious treats.
What a good girl!


Piper and I went on a lovely walk along the trails across the street from our house. Highlights included wildflowers and some wild turkeys.

Only two miles, but it was hot and the hills had me winded. I need to make this a daily routine.
Turkey parent on the left. You can just see one of the youngsters on the right. (Baby turkeys, I just found out, are known as “poults.”)

In the following video clip, you can see two poults fly up into a tree just as we come around the bend. Then a third one struggles to get aloft and follows the first two.

Poults taking flight.
Massive bumble bee on one of our flowers when we got home.

The Band’s Back Together

Or at least our family band.

Griffin and Sarah returned this evening from their separate adventures up north. Sarah was preparing for trail crews at three different forest service sites (as part of her job with Mobilize Green). Griffin was backpacking on Isle Royale where he had a ton of fun and apparently fed every bloodsucker on the island (by the look of his legs).

We’ll add more details in the coming days. I’m just glad we managed to locate pillows and sheets for everybody.

Sarah with our proud backpacker.
Happy dog.

Buried in Boxes

Our first full day in the new house was focused on our movers. They unloaded our 13 crates of stuff and hauled away a moldy piano left by the previous owner. Our spacious, spartan new home has become a cardboard labyrinth. It’s a bit overwhelming.

In the midst of the moving chaos, I found many moments of joy today playing with Piper and the kids in the back yard.

Sunrise over the house.
Enjoying the piles emerging from the truck.
The garage begins to overflow.
Piper doesn’t know what to make of everything.
Somehow we will find a place for everything.
Grandma Pam’s stupendous pasties for dinner.
We began decorating while Sarah is out of town. 😋
After some awesome sprinting, Piper decided to curl up in the water table, happy as can be.

First Day Update

As posted previously, we received the keys and moved into the new house this morning. In short order, Sarah headed up north for her new job. She’ll be back on Friday, returning with Griffin. Until then, Oliver, Maggie, Piper, and I will hold down the fort.

Despite the many tasks we needed to tackle today, we had a lot of fun in the new place. My favorite part was throwing the ball with Piper in the back yard. She loved that she could sprint!

Maggie and Oliver, I suspect, had their best time when our friends came over and they played some epic games of hide-and-seek.

A few more first day pics below.

April Updates

Life was a whirlwind in April with spring break, the long-awaited start of in-person school for Griffin and Maggie, three birthdays (plus Piper’s), a cabin visit, and much that I’m forgetting. Lacking the time to write everything up in detail, here’s a selection of photos to remind us of these many events.

Bonus! Two videos.

Oliver practicing on his balance bike.

Piper leaping into the very cold lake.

Piper’s Frenemy

The newest member of our family is a robot vacuum cleaner. Piper has kept her distance until this morning when she realized that she might be able to play with the interloper.

I would be remiss not to mention how infatuated we are with the new cleaner—known as “Robo 3000” in our house. (The number changes depending who is saying it.) It is actually a “eufy” RoboVac 11S by Anker. It was one of the cheapest we could find but it has been a household revolution.