Griffin Walks!

Griffin has been experimenting a lot with walking lately: letting go of the coffee table, taking one step and then falling to his knees in a crawl, cruising all around a chair, or holding on to a finger to barrel across the room. But TODAY he full-on walked for the first time!

I had just gotten home from work, my arms full of baby and bags. I put Griffin down on his feet next to an ottoman and threw my bags to the floor. Just as I was about to drop to the floor and join him, he turned around and walked seven or eight steps to a pile of boxes that have been waiting to be put in the storage shed. He did it all by himself!

I tried to get him to repeat his wondrous new abilities once Andrew got home from school, but the G-man still prefers crawling. It will only be a matter of time before he’s confident enough to try it again!

Spring Morning

I’ve been meaning to post this series for a while… Griffin made the most of our first full-on warm, sunny weekend back in February.

My parents let me play with glass bowls!
It's wet and shiny!
Dirty water... YUM!
And it makes a cool helmet.
Spring is awesome!