Big Kid Bed

We’ve been talking for a few weeks now with Griffin about moving to a big kid bed (partly in preparation for the baby in April). First we introduced the big kid comforter and pillow a couple of weeks ago, and yesterday Grandpa Jeff came up to build Griffin his first ever big kid loft bed. Griffin didn’t quite know what to expect other than that Grandpa Jeff was going to build him a new bed, and we think the results exceeded his expectations; when he was on the phone with Grandma Pam last night, he told her that “Grandpa built me my own new house, Grandma!” This morning after his shower, he excitedly went back into his room, “to look at my special new bed” and exclaimed, “Oh, it’s GREAT!”

We think he likes it.


Morning Songs

Griffin woke early this morning, nearly an hour before he is normally allowed to leave his room. I helped him use the potty and tucked him back into bed. Before leaving, I reminded him that he should stay in his bedroom until his “orange sun” lights up (it’s a nightlight timer).

As I pulled the door shut, he asked, “Okay to sing songs?”


As a child, I remember brushing my mom’s hair and imagined someday that I would have a child of my own who would want to brush my hair, too. Today, out of the blue, Griffin decided he needed to give me a “haircut” with the scooper from a backhoe loader. He carefully combed my hair and made spritzing sounds as he said, “Givin’ you a haircut!” I think that’s as close as I’m going to get with him, and I’ll take it.

Christmas Crafts

We put up our first family Christmas tree last night. It’s sparsely adorned with ornaments from Andrew’s past, a few we have collected together over the years, and ones I recently took from my grandmother’s collection. Today Griffin added his first handmade ornament, made from buttons my grandmother collected from her days working in a coat factory. It turned out super cute, and it was just the right level of coordination for his two and a half year old hands.

Griffin carefully threads buttons onto the wire.
The finished product, which Griffin hung proudly on the tree "all by myself."

Heart Breaking Honesty

Griffin and I just returned from a nearly two week trip to California (which we’ll post more about soon). Andrew came, too, but only for about five days of it. We returned in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, and Andrew took off for a conference Wednesday afternoon. He’ll be returning Saturday. Needless to say, it’s been a major disruption to our normal routines, and in particular, our sense of togetherness as a family. Griffin is definitely missing his daddy.

This morning after our shower/bath, Griffin was all snuggled up in his towel on my lap, and he put his head on my shoulder and said, “I have a sad face.” I asked him why, and he said after a long pause, “I need Daddy,” and let out a big sigh. It nearly cracked me in half.

I think we’re all looking forward to some family time starting Saturday night. Come home to us safely and soon, love!