Big Math

In Oliver’s Kindergarten class, they’re using their Montessori “golden beads” to solve some epic math problems. In this instance, Oliver (seated on the floor) was one of two farmers trying to sell their pumpkin crop to three Trader Joe’s stores. They had 4,572 pumpkins to divide evenly. Each store got 1,524 pumpkins.

Oliver and his classmates solving a big math problem.

Faculty Family Fun

Kudos to my colleagues Neil and Diane for organizing a faculty gathering at Afton State Park earlier this month. Families were welcome at a large group site. Some folks brought tents and stayed overnight. Many others stopped by to enjoy the fire for a portion of the evening.

Sarah was out of town, so I brought our three kids plus two extras. They basically ran off into the woods and only emerged occasionally for hot dogs and s’mores. Social gatherings like this have been few and far between since COVID struck, so the time felt quite special. We didn’t stay overnight, but had a lovely time spending the evening with a stellar group of people.

Afton gathering


Believe it or not, when Sarah and I went to the fair on Labor Day, it was the first time that we ever bought Sweet Martha’s cookies. They are a legend at the fair and we’ve always seen people walking around with their pails or cones of cookies, but we’ve always been drawn to other foods. We couldn’t justify the pail, so we got a towering cone (the smallest size you can buy). They were good, but very sweet. We only managed to get through about half of them.

Sweet Martha’s Cookies