First Flight!

We took the red eye from SFO to Minneapolis early this morning and Griffin was a champ.  He fell asleep at the airport in SF and basically slept through the flight and the two hour drive to St. Peter where he woke up in time to be cute for breakfast with the Stoccos.  On the flight, however, he did something that I will never forget.

Sarah was sleeping with Griffin wrapped up on her lap next to me.   I turned out my light for a bit, trying to sleep.  After about fifteen minutes, I gave up, turned the light back on and pulled my book out of the seat pocket.  I glanced over at Griffin, and saw his eyes open, squinting up into the light.  “Uh oh!” I thought, “I blew it… he’s going to scream for the rest of the flight!”  He looked around sleepily for a moment, anxiety melting away as he saw Sarah’s face above him, then my face glowing in the darkness.  His eyes fell shut and he smiled the biggest, happiest smile as he sank back into sleep.

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