Heavy Breakfast

Just another Sunday breakfast at the Stocco Roy’s where we discussed slavery, the civil war, armor, and guns.

[Slavery came up because Griffin wanted to know what the song “Jimmy Crack Corn” is all about. (Good question!) This led to the civil war, but interest waned before we could delve into the rise of the KKK and Jim Crow, the Great Migration, civil rights, the war on drugs, white privilege, and the glorious post-racial utopia which we’ve created for him. (Also didn’t get to the dangers of wearing hoodies.) Instead, Griffin examined his medieval-themed placemat and asked if armor was “real.” This prompted a detailed discussion about the history of armor. Cool stuff, which led, eventually, to kevlar. At which point we had to talk about guns and what to do if he ever comes across one. It was quite a breakfast!]

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