Invincible Tick

Warning: This is a bit grosser than the average post on this blog. Skip it if you’re squeamish.

Once upon a time our puppy had an engorged tick in her ear. We saved it in a plastic bag for a few days because we thought it might be a Lyme disease transmitting tick but we think it’s a dog tick. And it didn’t die so we drowned it in alcohol and it still didn’t die so we pinched it in a clothespin for a few days BUT IT STILL DIDN’T DIE!! And it is still alive today. We might pop it but it would get too much blood everywhere so we named it the invincible tick.

One thought on “Invincible Tick”

  1. Go Griffin! You could also name him Rasputin – ask your parents about that guy! As you now know so well, tics are so darn hard to kill. I once banged one over its whole body with a rock, took the rock away, an the tic marched off into the bushes – yuck! Blood may be the only way out!

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