Christmas 2021

We decided to take the risk of traveling this Christmas after two years of staying put. We flew to Bethesda to visit Andrew’s parents (known to the kids as “Grummy and Grandpa Stape”). Andrew’s brother, David, also visited with his family (Nancy, Raven, and Max). We were nervous about COVID the whole time, but multiple self-tests have come out negative, so we think we made it.

We avoided indoor activities beyond the family, but had a great time skating and exploring the National Mall. Pictures below capture a bit of the spirit (click on them for larger versions).

And, a video of Raven and Nancy doing a spin on the ice:

2 thoughts on “Christmas 2021”

  1. Love the photos— wow, how the kids have grown! Looks like you all had a fun and merry Christmas Happy new year!

  2. What wonderful winter family holiday! So happy you were able to do this now, because you took precautions and did it all right! Bravo to the family!!

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