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Visiting Gustavus


Dear Griffin,
Bert and I went to college this week, and we had an admission interview for next year.  Rich Aune evaluated our transcript.  We were hoping to get transfer credit for our work on Sesame Street.

Did you know that your aunt Alli is a graduate of Gustavus?  She walked up these stairs many times on her way to the “caf”, and down these stairs to the Diversity Center and mailboxes and Courtyard Cafe.  Your Mom and Dad were married in the “Arb” on the south end of campus, and they had their reception and dance right behind us.  We snuck into the banquet room and pretended we were at that dance – Tee Hee!  And your grandpa Jeff works at Gustavus.  Grandma Pam also worked at Gustavus for a short time as well. Your mom was 10 years old when they moved to St. Peter.

We love to see you on iChat but we are really excited to see you in person!


Visiting the Judge


Dear Griffin,
Happy New Year!  Imagine, that in a few short months you will be one year old!
We wanted you to know that we visited with a judge yesterday.  He told Ernie that he shouldn’t be feeding pigeons in the park, something he learned from his friend Big Bird.  Or at least, he shouldn’t be feeding them pepperoni pizza!

The judge admonished us.  (That’s quite a compliment, don’t you think?)  Maybe I should look that word up in the dictionary.

Letter from Bert and Ernie!

What a surprise! This morning Griffin received an email from Bert and Ernie! They’re staying with Jeff and Pam in Minnesota and have decided, apparently, to keep Griffin up-to-date on their lives. Here’s the message as it originally appeared:


We hope that you are having a great morning! Will you have some yogurt and cheese and squash for breakfast?

I think that we will have some cereal. We will help Jeff and Pam clear the driveway tonight. We are expecting lots of snow. We wish that you could come sledding with us. Bert got a new stocking cap, and he was happy to show it to you!

Bert and Ernie