Move Update

Closing will happen on Monday the 21st. We learned late this afternoon, however, that our movers couldn’t change their date. So they will be here at 8:30 tomorrow (actually, later this morning—I’m tapping this out at 1:00 AM). This was our original plan, but we lost many hours of packing time making urgent phone calls to keep the sale and purchase on track. So many things to sign!

The long and short of it is that we’re not ready for the movers, but hopefully we haven’t missed anything big. We’ll be counting on our friends to load up a lot of the remaining stuff on Sunday so we can clear out on Monday morning.

We never would have made it if Sarah’s mom didn’t join us for the last 36 hour push. Thank you, Pam!

Last night in a bed until next week. Too bad it’s only for a few hours. Clock is ticking!

2 thoughts on “Move Update”

  1. I’m so impressed with how you and Sarah have orchestrated this move, Andrew. Of course, I don’t know everything that’s happening, but you’ve dealt with challenges and opportunities so well. You seem to keep the kids and their welfare at the center of your actions, while dealing with things that need to be dealt with. I’ve admired you and Sarah for taking risks, putting yourselves and your emotions out there, when at the center of this is seeking a new home that matches your needs. This will soon be in your rear view mirror. Soon, you will be hoisting a celebratory glass, and this story will be one you and your kids will talk about around the dining room table for years to come. Please take care of yourself and best wishes as you round the bend. While I’m watching much of this from the sidelines, know that I’m thinking of you. Love to you all. Dad/Jeff/Grandpa Jeff

  2. Thank you, Jeff! Things will amp up a bit tomorrow and Monday, but I think we’ve made it through the hardest part. Cleaning out the last bits of the house is going pretty well.

    We can’t wait to host you in the new place soon!

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