Wrench in the Gears

We received bad news this afternoon about an unexpected hiccup in the sale of our house (outside of our control). Closing has been bumped from Thursday to Monday (the 21st). This caused a cascade of issues, not least that Sarah was supposed to be up north for her new job on Monday but she has to sign the documents in person at the closing.

In any event, it’s been a stressful afternoon, but we think everything is ironed out and we’re on track to move on Monday. Fingers crossed!

One thought on “Wrench in the Gears”

  1. Andrew – we closed during pandemic and did most of document signing on line, but then did have to be there for buying of new place. Glad you are working it out – being in two places at once is one of the many tricks you learn during this time – I wish you all the very best in your new place and on Sarah’s new job – whoopeeee!!!

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